3 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Bathrooms can often go overlooked during home renovations. If you are simply trying to liven up your home, change things out for the seasons, or want to jump feet-first into renovation mode, these three tips can help you get started.


Start Small

If you are just looking for a change, simple adjustments can make a big difference. If the seasons are changing, try swapping your beach-themed towels and washcloths for ones with more autumnal colors and patterns. Switch out art and photographs that you have in your bathroom. If you do not have any, add some! Little changes can go a long way in making your bathroom feel refreshed.

Determine What Needs Renovating

Be honest: is your sink rustic in that charming, farmhouse way? Or does it need replacing? Does your shower head work only half the time? Have you tried repairing these pieces only to have them deteriorate again? Whatever the case may be, sometimes renovations are necessary. Maybe you need more counter space or would like to expand your shower. No matter where you live, bathroom renovations in sarasota fl to seattle washington don’t have to be a headache. Start by finding renovation companies in your area and getting quotes on what you would like to have done.

Add a Splash of Color

Painting one or all of the walls in your bathroom can be another easy way to make the room feel like new. Try going a shade or two lighter or darker than what you already have. Or, try something new and paint a bright, bold accent wall! Hang some decorative art or a fun mirror there and you’ve got yourself a different bathroom!

Home renovations do not always have to be big. Little projects here and there can go a long way to making your home feel like new. If you are trying to figure out where to start, consider beginning with your bathroom.

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